SEC First Year Exit Survey 2022

Opens March 28, 2021

About Legislation

The Legislation Committee of the Student Engineers’ Council strives to be the representative voice for all engineering students. Legislation fulfills this mission by comprehensively surveying the student opinion and by presenting this data accurately and impartially to the Dean, Associate Deans, Department Heads, and Program Directors of the College of Engineering.

The Engineering Student Survey is the primary method by which the Legislation Committee achieves this goal. This survey is administered annually in the fall semester, after which the responses are analyzed and aggregated into a report. This report is delivered to the College of Engineering administration in the form of a presentation dinner.

The Legislation Committee also administers a two-part survey of the first-year engineering program. This survey is delivered to freshman students at the beginning of their first semester and at the end of their second semester, and the pre/post comparison is used to evaluate the first-year program. This data is also assembled into a report and presented to the College of Engineering administration.

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